WOLF VON LANGA WVL Mehr Lautsprecher braucht kein Mensch

You’ll find WOLF VON LANGA here: @ Atrium 4.2, booth F231c – you'll hear WVL 12639 SON, WVL SERENDIPITY @ Atrium 4.2, booth F231f and @ Hall 4, booth U02 – you'll hear WVL 12439 STAGE

WVL 12639 SON © Wolf von Langa®

WVL Premium Loudspeakers
We would like to offer you a new small, handy format - a desideratum that will meet your personal wishes, the fulfillment of which you might have considered impossible until now... 
And of course our classic loudspeaker system WVL 12639 SON and the passive counterpart STAGE.
Listen and feel the music with WVL Premium Loudspeakers. Made in Germany.
If you want to read more about SERENDIPITY please visit us here:
The benefits of the WVL mid-bass once heard are extremely difficult to forget. The seamless interaction with the WVL jet-tweeter is a real musical experience. Impeccably accurate imaging and soundstage. Full-range sound, spot-on timbre, high frequency airiness with fast and tight bass – unheard elsewhere.