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Jul 5, 2022

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ONDACUSTICA - Ultra High End Speakers

CARLA Reference’s innovative design breaks away from the unnatural sound shape of box loudspeakers, creating an acoustic envelope that brings the listener to center stage without artifacts.

The design of the CARLA REFERENCE loudspeakers addresses the weak points of a conventional loudspeaker system related to room interaction, power response and polar pattern. 
To achieve the most natural sound experience, the CARLA REFERENCE loudspeakers use a novel approach to seamlessly combine the different drivers used to cover the full frequency spectrum, based on a controlled radiation pattern that perfectly matches reverberating rooms with a T60 and other acoustic parameters that are typical of home environments.
The CARLA REFERENCE is omni directional at low frequencies. It is an acoustic point source because the woofer driver and the cabinet are small compared to the radiated wavelength. 
Mid lows are also omni directional because the mid woofer is positioned at 90°, illuminating the room from a different angle that compensates for the normally increasing cardioid response with frequency due to cone geometries.
The radiating surfaces of the mid woofer and the top panel are at right angle to each-other, so frequency modulation distortion is very low, unlike that of a coaxial driver arrangement. The radiator remains acoustically small through the transition zone, where the mid woofer and the open baffle top panel contribute to a cardioid polar pattern around the ear level axis. 
In the tweeter frequency range the radiation is dipolar, but the rear radiation is dispersed irregularly and gradually attenuated as the frequencies increase. The power response is linearly decreasing in the cardioid and dipole ranges and decreases further in the higher frequencies, and as a result the timbre of the reverberated sound field changes smoothly with frequency. 
With directivity controlled in this way, the CARLA REFERENCE becomes much less sensitive to room placement, while also gaining in 3D imaging precision. The top panel is superbly smooth and detailed. It blends flawlessly with the pistonic, infinite transmission line woofer and mid woofer assembly for a completely neutral sound in a reverberant room.
The absolutely natural sound reproduction is also achieved by using carefully selected drivers. For the higher frequencies, Carla Reference uses the best AMT tweeter technology available, in a dipole configuration. This spectacular driver has an impressive impulse response which greatly contributes to the attack/decay and dynamic properties of the Carla Reference series.
The 5” driver, also in a dipole configuration with rear diffusion, is a custom unit that has been designed to perfectly combine with the AMT using a low order crossover. The physical arrangement of the drivers on the panel ensures the proper time synchronization between them.
The 8” driver, also a custom design, has a perfectly defined shape and curvature and uses a specific constrain layer dampening that results in an ideal ratio of stiffness and dampening behavior, eliminating diffractions, resonances and energy store effects. It is matched to the baffle design with the ideal positioning of the top panel.
The custom designed 10” woofer has been specified to best work in the Carla Reference cabinet using an acoustic suspension arrangement. Bass is tight and extended, without the typical smearing and boominess of vented designs. The cone has been designed for best stiffness and weight, matched by a massive magnet and a titanium voice coil, along with an optimal suspension design and materials.
Tonal neutrality, clarity and stereo imaging of the CARLA REFERENCE are truly exceptional and a completely new experience in sound reproduction fidelity.

ONDACUSTICA introduces the CARLA REFERENCE BW that showcases an innovative bending wave driver, a true innovation in the ultra-high-end loudspeaker landscape.
Stunning natural sound reproduction is achieved through a combination of an 8" bending wave driver with an acoustic lens on the open back, a 6" custom mid woofer strategically orientated to illuminate the room with a uniform sound field, and a 10" custom woofer in an acoustic suspension configuration to provide a tight and powerful lower end.
ONDACUSTICA technologies and patents have been used to manufacture a bending wave driver with extraordinary capabilities in terms of neutral, balanced and even sound reproduction throughout the entire surface of the panel. It is a composite material based on peculiar materials used in the F1, where technology is pushed to the edge. Ondacustica engineers crafted a combination of materials and a custom production process where vacuum and autoclave temperature and pressure, along with an optimized parameter ramping, are combined to end up with a bending wave driver of extraordinary qualities.
The cabinet is made of rare fine Sorrento Italian solid walnut, optimally shaped and cut to control resonances. It is also available with fine bronze sculptures that are crafted using a handmade lost wax casting process.
The shape of the frame supporting the bending wave driver has been designed using wave modeling software, for optimized performance at all frequencies. The CARLA REFERENCE BW BENDING WAVE is a world class piece of art that delivers stunning ultra-high-end sound, a totally unique and exclusive loudspeaker. 
The ONDACUSTICA YVONNE speaker is a beautiful piece of modern art that comes in different finishes to harmonize in all different environments. The cabinet is built using layers of different woods to damp any resonance, the shape has been modeled by sophisticated computer models while retaining the original artist creation and comes with a shaped grill to give it a distinctive look.
The YVONNE speaker has a sensitivity of around 91dB and a well-behaved impedance and can be driven to thunderous levels with a valve amplifier of just 30W and at the same time delivers surprisingly deep bass. YVONNE drivers are time aligned, making it possible to use low order crossover filters that sound better, while state of the art
components deliver beautiful micro-details.
This speaker offers phenomenal midrange transparency and a smooth transition to the treble range, also due to the tweeter positioned below the midrange driver providing a balanced line of view at listening height.
The bass and mid-driver used in the YVONNE form a magnificent combination, with dynamics and a degree of 3-dimensionality rivaling any speakers.
When listening to the YVONNE, you all-of-a-sudden will realize that you have started to become more relaxed, listening has become easier, and you'll realize what lack of coloration really means.


Contact:  Martin Wenzel, / +49 173 54 58 264